The kingdom 2025

"I am Agatha Crup, I’m a Supernatural and leader of an ancient order known as ‘The Olin’. For 5000 years we kept the secret of Eden and protected a sacred gem stone known as the ‘Ab Aeterno’, one of two keys that can open all dimensions.

Around ten years ago on All Hallows Eve, two cloned humans were used as hosts. Being clones they had no spirit or soul, they were used as vessels for Lilith and Medusa of the 11th dimension.
Lilith unleashed a mutating virus affecting only men. Following the outbreak, pockets of civil unrest soon blossomed into a global catastrophic meltdown. Man's rule ended. Within a year, the world as you knew it, came to an end.

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With its CGI graphics, a largely female cast, mythical characters computer game interactivity, it is the evolution of the comic.

Play through selected scenes in the comic as Agatha Crup or follow her footsteps in all action game levels. Completely free and lots of fun.

The graphic novel is centered on the supernatural character Agatha Crup. Told over two separate timelines...current day where she is just 12 years old and ten years from now when the world has been impacted by the vengeful force of Lilith and her demon army.

Jump right in... jam on a level, read the comic or browse the mythology, theology and science behind the concept on the site.

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Unity 5

Our games are made with the Unity 5 games
engine using the most advanced assets
from the coolest developers.
They will be varied ranging from
shoot-em-ups and racers to adventures.
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Agatha’s theme

Theme from the graphic novel

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