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The Latin word for wolf and the name of Agatha's father. He is leader of an ancient order known as ‘The Olin’ Keepers of the Secret of Eden who protect a sacred gemstone known as ‘Ab Aeterno’, one of two keys that can open all dimensions. I have referred to the key concept before as a tool which Adam and Eve used to talk with God.

Lucifer was banished to earth Isaiah 14:12-14 with his legion of fallen angels for not respecting the Creators faith in Mankind. The Olin were given the responsibility of guarding the lands surrounding eden from the fallen, and later watching over Cain.

Regards the 11 dimensions I'm using the concepts of 'string theory' to suggest such dominions exist.

Supernaturals in my story are Fifth Day creations (Genesis) a genetic hybrid with the ability to shape-shift and separate spirit from body, the perfect beta tester for a Terra Forming Creator. Where humans, made in God's image, are ultimately accountable for their worldly deeds in an afterlife of perhaps Heaven or Hell, Supernaturals go to a different dimension. I call it Olinious, a place 'before time'. To get to it one would travel on the seas of time, create a singularity or find an existing worm hole, the later is dangerous but exists at this general location Roughly 30° N, 77° W

Olinious is a place that would be like standing at the top of an escalator with time constantly looping below you. When supernaturals die, like mortals the spirit (light) leaves their bodies. I will suggest that light may be the fastest thing in the known universe, 186,000 mi/sec. but like a stream may appear to be travelling at a certain speed there are often undercurrents moving even quicker that are not visible unless you look into the stream itself...I suggest that light has streams and these are accessible in spirit form.

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