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The Lilith Myth

In Hebrew folklore Lilith left Adam because she was not being treated as an equal. Inequality is generally seen as an uncomfortable but inevitable state for the vast majority of people living in the developed world. For example it's perfectly normal to expect your first job to be rewarded at the minimum pay scale no matter how good you are at the work. Women have been underpaid in the same role as men for decades and the remnants of a class system can still be found on our transport networks both rail and air...its just accepted. A study by The Equality Trust revealed some startling truths about the wider effects and implications of inequality. From crime to mental health, education, life expectancy and general well being, the less equal the society you live in, the worse off you are.

It goes without saying inequality between the sexes has long been a headline issue in western culture. A great deal of slow and painful progress has been made since the suffragettes but by and large women are still far from equal in western societies.

Recent statistics produced by the FBI showed male offenders for all homicides are 88.8%, women: 11.2%. There are similar figures for all serious crime (Homicide Trends: Perpetrators: Men vs Women). According to the FBI Supplementary Homicide Reports (1976-2005) these are the facts when it comes to murder in the U.S.) So what does this tell us about our male driven society?

I'm not a social scientist, but for the sake of my Lilith character I am going to ask a simple question.

Lilith left Adam because she was not being treated as an equal, Eve is taken from Adam's rib because he needed someone he could control. In a perfect environment how was it that Adam's first born Cain, in theory the first human born on earth, was a murderer and kills his own brother Abel? Man goes on and creates our unequal world, where male violence conflict and indeed war is a norm, where women are controlled and where inequality is a given. How would things have turned out if Lilith, who wasn't taking any nonsense, had stuck around?

If the world Adam and Lilith were given became what we accept today for all the reasons above and females had been forced into servitude for centuries, if she could return with dark powers what would she do? One possible answer lies in the Story Agatha Crup And The Legend Of The Olin.